When Craziness Strikes

Dealing with humdrum methods for a ling time in schools and colleges students find themselves in a hard nut to crack to meet ZM’s (Zahid Masum is an English lecturer in North East University Bangladesh) deadline for submitting their assignments. It is an essential part of their regular task these days they are assigned to show up within his class. Problems happen when they wish to excel their fellow classmates in any sort of intellectual fields with creativity. They find it unconvincing.

Well, have you ever think, your crazy ideas can help you in one way or another – especially when you mind presenting any idea before your teacher? You hardly imagine, can you? But it can!

Your desperate appearance before YouCam perfect or Candy camera, your half-mad strange look before selfie stand, having a long time off with a smartphone – which is sometimes time waste machine to your legal guardians, blindly follow you favorite star Someone might not give you a clap of hands appreciating your desperate movements. the good news is that you will have a good time with your ‘crazy’ mood, only for once!

The toughest nail-biting moment you pass in a creative class or problem-solving period is that of a brainstorming session.

Bash out: write something quickly without much preparation.

Remember, your craziness is not appreciated forever!

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AK Got Right Route

A restaurant was a quite convenient place for them.

The city of Sylhet is alike other big cities of Bangladesh, claiming lack of free open spaces, public parks, wide footpaths, what badly need for them. The duo has to go alternate, that’s why.

Sometimes they talk walking along the roadside, standing at the river bank, or hardly, sitting in a cheap tea stall beside the busy road. They look up a good place for spending a quality time together. They talk about the successful people of this universe, taking fine examples of all dues of the successful world. The due was firmed to produce something together. Finally, they could manage a place in town. find a space to be seated – a restaurant, Simla, fairly affordable for them.


‘Simla Restaurant would be a significant plot of our success story’ the duo frequently tells their other friends with mare confident. They were fairly confident about their coming days, though there was no visible sign of accomplishment, they could catch.

*****  *****  *****

Abul Kalam Azad is one of two, his friends prefer to call him AK in short. A 25 years-old boy, come from Borguna with his parents in childhood age. He was very aristocrat having a lot of sophisticated views in the philosophy of life, and highly inspired by a number of global heroes.

He always tries to find himself, discovering own potentials, adores to see in the gorgeous realm of success. Craving for success – to build an elegant future, he tasted a lot of business. From teaching to writing blog, he did with utmost effort. He is well determined and highly energetic regarding the job he starts. But the success he wishes, was literally, out of touch, What is the reason of his vain pursuit of his desired bright career – he frequently asks himself, getting depressed with the returns he got after starting a new job. Being failure to soothe his giant aspirations, once he let his mind realize his passion and taste. What he really loves, starts looking for. It came finally, after many thirty-first nights.

***    ***   ***

Do what you love most – Steav Jobs

***    ***   ***

Finally, he discovered his field of interest, what he was waiting for, took a decision and got hooked up with it. It was his right selection for what the story of his success remained incomplete.

His wise and steady approach finally made him dignified!

Was it his sixth sense, what told him to try SEO to be light on?

I try to land him my best hands to see him light with  desire and try to get myself fired up.

Mira’s Latest Status

Her father promised to give her a stupendous surprise in a special day. The girl started waiting for the right moment since.

*****   *****  *****

She hugged, she kissed, she burst into joy. That were after phenomenons, Mira got her first Symphony V1 smartphone in her 17th birthday as a surprise gift. It was not her style of celebration, usually she does after she achieves something, but it was, definitely little bit different.

She renewed her life with her new smart machine.

Growing up with a hi-breed trending electronic device, it was tough to deny the distance with her real life’s catalog. Months later after her appearance in social realm, she found herself quite popular. Changing profile pictures, frequent status, likes, sharing – she knows well, how to ride on. She was simply obsessed with social media – Facebook, WhatsApp and some others.  It was, therefore,  customary to maintain a high courtesy with her friends and followers. She was not bored with it, rather enjoyed. Her friends were another reason to make her heavy busy with this tool.

Days with these social media was not good experience at all, leading her life in unnecessary formalities. One day, she realized her way leading herself towards wrong track, when her father got annoyed with her fake approach.

She stopped, finally, left this world.

Her status now – “I’m nowhere”


Its Not Smart Phone, Because I’m Not Smart

Ajay always argues with his friends not to get convinced to use a smart phone anymore. This reluctance of smartphone leads his friends to think him back-dated and miser as well.  That very topic, every now and then makes him engaged in debate with his fellow batch mates. He always tries to place his best logic to make them understand about how he evaluates ‘smart’ device. This is not excuse what he replays in their questions. He has some experiences about the proper use of it.

‘Many many days before in a morning, a Facebook post pushed me in thought for a while. I was passing critical time with Dr. Faustus before my mid-semester exam

On the other hand, kalam, an IT student delivers his ninety percent task with his Sumsang G7 smartphone. he hardly uses his desktop PC to complete his tasks.

It Can Be Your Story

Haidar Ali passing a quality time with book after class.

Haidar Ali, a nine-years-old boy, studying in Darus Salam, a Quwmi madrasa maintaining high quality in education, in Sylhet. When he started schooling in Darus Salam, he was seven-years-old.  His father always takes him to madrasa and picks home when he returns from work.

‘Men born to die’ he was supposed to learn from his world he lives in, but he was totally exceptional. When his father blamed his fate not to be well to do, he was the only person of his family to make him stop.

Don’t say that

I Don’t Wanna Be An ‘Admiring Bog’

You might have read ‘I’m nobody, who are you’ by Emily Dickinson. This may not be the first writing you came across about the affliction of a ‘celebrity’. It goes without saying that Emily Dickinson was the right person to realize the pain of being ‘someone’ as Dickinson herself was a celebrity. Without being a celebrity how will you fell the right sense of ‘someone’?

Have you ever seen any public figure or any celebrity walking along roadside or jogging in a busy park?

Yes! I’ve got this experience! It was awful, my GOD!



My New-Year ‘Make-up’


“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.” -William Feather

People go to bad to get prepared for new day. Some people always deserve a rosy beginning. I know, I’m not the only one who wishes to get a beautiful morning after a sweet-sleep night. But I do it every night. I try, I wish.

Last two months I was terribly tied up with family schedule, preparing a marriage programme for my younger sister. Abida got married to kobir in last December, and I found myself totally out of my routine. I had to rush from kitchen to community centre. When I went to bed to make another new day productive, I found my reading table is not in mood. It was trim and clean – I never did such. I felt they looked at me with a sigh. I crossed them, I forgot them, I slept.

After a sixty-day long book-out, I discovered myself too far of my resolution, what I prepared at new-year eve. I was highly determined to pass every commute with pages, every ques with e-book reader or candle reader, and always carry a book in my Adidas backpack.

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.” –Chinese Proverb

It was my plan to finish three books before the end of month.

To get my usual routine back, I have got to make another new plan, good time and good selection as well. Because it is fairly inevitable to take any step to recover those days, somehow. This is my new-year make-up programe.

Now, I’m running towards light!